These Best Memes Of 2021 Will Give You Flashback Of The Whole Year

The whole year was like an exam for all of the world because of the global pandemic. However, Pakistani meme-makers provided people with the best memes of 2021 to make people laugh at every situation. These memes might be a way to remember 2021’s harshness in a funny way.

Best Memes Of 2021 to Acknowledge The Good things about the passing Year.

The year is about to meet its end 2021 is approaching soon. 2021 was a hectic year because of the plague and difficulties that came with it. However, some people tried to capture some memories to recall in the future. These recollections in the form of memes would remind every Pakistani that the time was tough yet some memes made it easy to look at it without being depressed. 

Ishaq Dar

As per people, Ishaq dar inflicted mockery on him when he decided to join Stephen Sackur on his Show, HardTalk. The show was torture for him because of the harsh questions of the anchor about his political credibility.

Civil War Memes

A few months back, India ran a piece of fake news about the civil war in Pakistan. As per the Indian news channel, the war resulted in an attack on a building in Karachi. upon the fake news, Pakistanis did not respond angrily but stated making memes as a reaction. They created a funny war like pictures and flooded social media with such humorous videos.

TikTok ban memes

October was the month when social media users were indulged in making the best memes of 2021. Among those memes, the TikTok ban news in Pakistan became widely popular. The popularity was because of the memers who decided to mock the application upon its downfall in the country.

Shafqat Mehmood

Shafqat Mehmood, the education minister became the hero in the eyes of Pakistani students when he decided to close the educational institutes in the country. He took this decision because of the rising covid19 cases.

However, the students started to celebrate the announcement by the education minister. Nevertheless, the celebration took the form of memes.

iPhone 12 memes

One of the biggest tech companies, Apple was victimized by the Pakistani memers when it launched the latest iPhone 12. People took notice of the similarity between the iPhone 5 and the latest iPhone 12. The uncanny resemblance became the reason for mockery and memes against apple.

The memers made social media their ground to share memes on iPhone 12. Those jokes became one the most popular iPhone 12 memes and best memes of 2021.

However, most Importantly, such memes and puns became the memories that people will think of while remembering the year 2021 in the future.